Let me Fly Abroad: Student Migrations in the Context of Nepal
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Abroad Study
Student Migration

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Tamang, M., & Shrestha, M. (2021). Let me Fly Abroad: Student Migrations in the Context of Nepal. Research in Educational Policy and Management, 3(1), 1-18. https://doi.org/10.46303/repam.2021.1


Student migration has been increasing over recent years in Nepal. The increasing numbers of students leave the country to the developed countries for their higher education with the hope of getting practical skills and knowledge and other valuable experiences to enhance their future carrier. This paper intends to explore the motivation, aspirations, and excitements among international students while flying abroad to pursue their higher education from the developed countries. In doing so, we adopted a narrative inquiry assuming that the stories of student mobility and its outcome challenge the educational and employment aspirations of youth in Nepal. The aspirations among international students encourage them to fly abroad due to the expectation of handsome earning and pursuing a foreign degree. Moreover, this paper also highlights the motivation of prospective students and their desire to fly abroad for their academic journey.

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