Factors that Influence School Choice: A Look at Parents’ and School Leaders’ Perceptions
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school choice, enrollment, school district policy

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Cantu, N., Varela, D., Jones, D., & Challoo, L. (2021). Factors that Influence School Choice: A Look at Parents’ and School Leaders’ Perceptions. Research in Educational Policy and Management, 3(1), 19-41. https://doi.org/10.46303/repam.2021.2


School choice is a growing movement, and public school districts are faced with the challenge of preventing declines in student enrollment.  In response, school districts must work to retain enrolled students and at the same time, attract new students. This qualitative study focused on developing an understanding of the factors that influence parents’ decisions to enroll their child(ren) in a chosen school, that is, a school which differs from that assigned to the student, also known as school choice.  This case study examined data from the perspectives and experiences of parents and public school district leaders. Results suggest that school leaders need to ensure they build good relationships with parents and keep a positive school culture where customer service is valued and held to the highest standards.  In essence, school leaders must maintain strong partnerships with their families to attract and retain student enrollment. The results from this study equip school leaders with valuable information for strategic planning to address declines in student enrollment.

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