Influences of gender and locale on teachers’ job satisfaction


Job Satisfaction
Social capital
School teachers

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Shrestha, M. (2019). Influences of gender and locale on teachers’ job satisfaction. Research in Educational Policy and Management, 1(1), 17-32.


The gender and locale like personal attributes were associated with the Job satisfaction (JS) of school teachers.  This research examined the relationship between gender and JS across locale in school settings. This study followed a post-positivist paradigm with cross-sectional survey as the research design. The researcher used the survey questionnaire among 345 respondents by using cluster sampling and analyzed data with ‘t’ test. Meanwhile, social capital theory was incorporate to discuss the findings. Moreover, the female teachers from urban locale expressed high satisfaction in job than their male colleagues. In contrary, there is no difference in JS between male and female counterparts regarding rural locale except pay, incentive and benefits. However, this JS equipped teachers contribute to determine job effectiveness, high performances, and achievements.

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