Constructing a Social Justice Curriculum Policy in the 21st Century
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curriculum policy
curricular and instructional policies
educational policies and social change
social justice

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Moloi, T., Matabane, M., Simuja, C., Seo, B.-I., & Tarman, B. (2023). Constructing a Social Justice Curriculum Policy in the 21st Century. Research in Educational Policy and Management, 5(3), i-iv.


In the dynamic and ever-changing educational landscape, it is crucial to rethink and construct social curriculum policy in the 21st Century. At the same time considering integrating skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving into the curriculum, and reflecting the evolving needs of a dynamic society. The endeavour of developing a robust social justice curriculum policy requires a clear understanding of the diverse and ever-changing needs of learners and education practitioners, as well as the commitment to fostering inclusivity, equality, equity and empowerment within educational systems. There are twelve articles published in this special issue. We believe that these articles will assist policymakers in various countries, provinces or states, and districts to frame and construct the socially justice curriculum policy for 21st Century.
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